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ELCA National Youth Gathering – Detroit 2015

Information for the 2015 Gathering and our Synod will be posted here as the date gets closer.

Until then, click the button below to visit the ELCA’s page on the 2015 National Youth Gathering.

2015 National Youth Gathering Information on

Planning has begun for the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering. The gathering will be held in Detroit, Michigan, July 15 – 19, 2015. There are 15 planning teams, comprised of people from across the country, who are responsible for the daily programming at the event. These people have a passion for the church’s ministry to rear youth in the faith; they willingly give their time and talents and we rejoice!

ELCA Youth Gatherings bring youth and adult leaders together around a theme that is integrated into all program components. These components including Bible study, service, worship, focused study areas, experiential learning, special events, dances and tours.

ELCA Youth Gatherings occur every three years. The first Gathering took place in San Antonio, Texas, in 1988. However, the preceding church bodies that joined in 1987 to form the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America had Youth Gatherings that began in 1895. Youth Gatherings have been growing in numbers throughout the years, especially the last 30 years. Gatherings prior to 1988 occurred in Denver, Colorado; Banff/Alberta, Canada; Lafayette, Indiana; Houston, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; New York City, New York; Seattle, Washington; Missoula, Montana and Miami, Florida.